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30 Dong-Soo Lee, SungHun Cho, SangYun Kim, JaeYong Lee, KeumCheol Hwang, Youngoo Yang, Mun-Kyo Seo, You… A low phase noise 30-GHz frequency synthesizer with linear transconductance VCO and dual-injection-locked frequency divider ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING vol.83, no.6, pp.365-376 2016.03 SCI IC lab
29 DongSoo Lee, Juri Lee, Hyung-Gu Park, JinWook Choi, SangHyeon Park, In Seong Kim, YoungGun Pu, Jae Y… A Design of Wide Frequency Range, Low Power Transceiver with Automatic Impedance Matching calibration for TV White Space Application Journal of Semiconductor Technology and Science vol.16, no.1, pp.126-142 2016.02 SCI IC lab
28 Young-Jun Park, Hyung-Gu Park, Juri Lee, Seong Jin Oh, Jae Hyeong Jang, Sang Yun Kim, Young Gun Pu, … A design of wide input range triple-mode active rectifier with peak efficiency of 94.2 % and maximum output power of 8 W for wireless power receiver in 0.18 μM BCD ANALOG INTEGRATED CIRCUITS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING vol.86, no.2, pp.255-265 2016.02 SCI IC lab
27 A.S. Hayder, S.Y. Kim, H. Abbasizadeh and K.Y. Lee Loop-handover technique for digitally controlled multiple-output dc?dc converters ELECTRONICS LETTERS vol.52, no.22, pp.18989-18910 2016.01 SCI IC lab
26 Junghyun Ham, Jongseok Bae, Hyungchul Kim, Mincheol Seo, Hwiseob Lee, Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Le… CMOS Power Amplifier Integrated Circuit With Dual-Mode Supply Modulator for Mobile Terminals IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS vol.63, no.1, pp.157-167 2016.01 SCI IC lab
25 Minseok Kim, Wooseok Lee, Jongseok Bae, Hwiseob Lee, Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Lee, Cheon-seok Par… Balanced/Unbalanced Wideband: A Wideband, Bifilar Transmission-Line Balun IEEE MICROWAVE MAGAZINE vol.17, no.1, pp.65-69 2016.01 SCI IC lab
24 C. M. Song, G. Kwon, J. M. Lee, Y. Yang, K.-Y. Lee, and K. C. Hwang Electrostatic field penetration through a slot on a conducting half-plane Journal of Electrostatics vol.77, pp.21-26 2015.10 SCI IC lab
23 Sang-Yun Kim, Juri Lee, Hyung-Gu Park, Young Gun Pu, Jae Yong Lee and Kang-Yoon Lee A 1.248 Gb/s ? 2.918 Gb/s Low-Power Receiver for MIPI-DigRF M-PHY with a Fast Settling Fully Digital Frequency Detection Loop in 0.11 μm CMOS JOURNAL OF SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE vol.15, no.4, pp.506-517 2015.08 SCI IC lab
22 Jong Min Lee, Gina Kwon, Chan Mi Song, Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang and Keum Cheol Hwang Wideband circularly polarized Spidron fractal slot antenna with a grooved dielectric resonator JOURNAL OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES AND APPLICATIONS vol.29, no.14, pp.1942-1951 2015.08 SCI IC lab
21 Hyungchul Kim, Jongsuk Bae, Junghyun Ham, Jehyeon Gu, Mincheol Seo, Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Lee,… Efficiency enhanced CMOS digitally controlled dynamic bias switching power amplifier for LTE MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LETTERS vol.57, no.10, pp.2314-2321 2015.07 SCI IC lab