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10 Jun-Seong Kim, Hyung-Jin Kim, MinGeon Shin, Jae-Hyun Park, Oh-Yun Kwon, Reem Song, Sungho Lee, Sangw… 79 GHz Active Array FMCW Radar System on Low-Cost FR-4 Substrates IEEE Access Volume: 8, pp: 213854-213865 2020 SCI-E RFMD
9 Oh-Yun Kwon; Chenglin Cui; Jun Seong Kim; Jae-Hyun Park; Reem Song; Byung-Sung Kim A Compact Integration of a 77 GHz FMCW Radar System Using CMOS Transmitter and Receiver Adopting On-Chip Monopole Feeder IEEE Access Volume: 7, pp: 6746-6757 2018 SCI-E RFMD
8 Oh-Yun Kwon; Dong-won Lee; Jong-Min Oh; Jangbom Chai and Byung-Sung Kim Characterization of broadband dielectric properties of aerosol-deposited Al2O3 thick films Journal of Ceramic Processing Research Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 290~295 2018 SCI RFMD
7 Oh-Yun Kwon; Reem Song; Byung-Sung Kim A Fully Integrated Shark-Fin Antenna for MIMO-LTE, GPS, WLAN, and WAVE Applications IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters Volume: 17, No.4 2018 SCI-E RFMD
6 Jaeyong Cho, Byung-Sung Kim, Jonghyuck Jeong, Junseong Kim, Kibeom Kim, Karam Hwang, Hwiseob Lee, Se… A Two-Line Time-Domain Gating Method for Characterization of Test Fixture With via Hole Discontinuity IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters? Volume: 27, Issue: 10, pp : 936-938 2017 SCI RFMD
5 Sung-Joo Kim; Dong-In Seo; Jun-Seong Kim.; Reem Song; Byung-Sung Kim Compact CMOS LiT VCO achieving 198.6 dBc/Hz FoMA Electronics Letters Volume 54, Issue 3, pp: 175-177 2017 SCI RFMD
4 Jae-Hoon Song; Chenglin Cui; Seong-Kyun Kim; Byung-Sung Kim A Low-Phase-Noise 77-GHz FMCW Radar Transmitter With a 12.8-GHz PLL and a ×6 Frequency Multiplier IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters Volume: 26 ,Issue: 7 2016 SCI RFMD
3 Chenglin Cui; Seong-Kyun Kim; Byung-Sung Kim A K band Two Stage Compact CMOS LNA Considering Proximate Magnetic Coupling IEICE Electronics Express Volume: 12 ,Issue: 22 2015 SCI-E RFMD
2 Young-il Park; Reem Song; Myun-joo Park; Byung-sung Kim; Munkyo Seo; Four-way Beam Steering Monopole Array Antenna With Switched Feeding Network IEICE Electronics Express Volume: 12 ,Issue: 1 2015 SCI-E RFMD
1 Chenglin Cui; Seong-Kyun Kim; Reem Song; Jae-Hoon Song; Sangwook Nam; Byung-Sung Kim; A 77-GHz FMCW Radar System Using On-Chip Waveguide Feeders in 65-nm CMOS IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques Volume: 63 ,Issue: 11 , pp: 3736 - 3746 2015 SCI RFMD